Monday, January 2, 2012

Plan, Plan, Plan...for what? (series)

Happy New Year to all.

The beginning of a new year sometimes forces one to make resolutions.
Personal and business.
Sometimes we loose focus and drive after those resolutions.
Goal setting can be too rigid.
Task lists can get to consuming.

But they work. But you have to choose your own path. :(

Doesn't matter if your sales, CEO, CFO, Accounting or management.

We are all going to get really busy really fast.

Choose something. If it does not work, change it.

If you don't commit, you will never do it. Committing is hard. So if you are even thinking about how hard it is, stop. Don't waste your time on it.

What to do:

I cannot offer advise, but personally it's been a very good year, but not with it's headaches.
We are ready to push to the next level of growth. When you do that, you see where some of your foundation needs some reinforcement.

I learned a lesson a long time ago when I was CTO/IT Management. This is very true today. I see it with all our large partners(?)/vendors that we work with. All of them.

Make sure the bottom floor of your business, the foundation,  is secure and happy. 
This is: Operations, IT, HR, Accounting. Make sure they are taking care of  before your start throwing all your have at the top floors(sales teams, exec management,..)

Exec's say they can be replaced. That is true, but what are you building? A business that can be profitable where the employees want to come to work, or where everyone hates coming to work because it's the bottom dollar and relationships don't matter.

The latter is unfortunately the reality.
Don't get me wrong. We want to be profitable as well. I have a hard time letting anyone go that has worked for me. If they do not do the work, or lie/cheat/steal or don't do what they say, then that is an easy option.

  • You are where you are from the choices you made earlier. 
    • Choose better.
  • What is happening to your business/ your sales team/ your outside life, is what is going on inside you.
    • Change your attitude.
  • Remember how you got to where you are. 
    • Get that back. Get dirty and make it happen.

So what do we have planned?

We need to grow to the next level. This goes hand in hand in helping our clients grow. Life is about give and take.
Not that were yoda like, but another thing I've learned is: You have to give more in your services/work than you receive in cash value.

Yes, you can charge up ying yang, but make sure you the value you are giving is MORE than you are receiving.

Here is a core list of items for the new year:

  • Publish our unwritten Client and Consulting Bill of Rights. 
    • What is acceptable and what is not.
  • Promote our business partners that want to see us grow. 
    • (The big vendors don't care about their partners. It's a one way street. Discounts are 1 thing, but partnership are another)
  • Client Appreciation Giveaways.
    • Additional discounts on hardware and software
  • Offering  additional services:  Complete Print Services, Complete Security Management, our VOIP Soho Phone Services.
  • Be clear, details and knowing your outcome with all clients - even when they don't want to be.
  • We want to work with like minded companies and people.
    • Too many take, take, takers.
Series on Growing:
I am going to start this series of blogs on planning for growth. We are at a stage of moving to the next level.
I am going to talk about observations, insights, and what others are saying about growth, planning and improving your business.

This year will be a litmus test on who can stay focused, stay in business and enjoy what your doing.

Let me know your thoughts and if this was an interesting topic which you want to see more of.

Thank you all.

Garett Chipman

CEO \ TVG Consulting
"Providing IT Operations and Telecom Solutions"
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