Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plan, plan, growth.

If you have not started, now is the time to plant the seeds of growth and prosperity for the this year.

Surround yourself with people that make you and your business... better.

Break down the short term goals/objective:  1-3 mths, 4-7 mths and 8-12 mths goals.

Already, I know this year has been really busy for alot of people, but don't get lazy. Lazy is easy to do.

But we have to stay focused and on the 20% that you think will make the most difference.

Write those items/task down.
Prioritize them.
Put them in your calendar.
Put actual $ figures that you want to accomplish.
List the tasks.
Do the hard work.

The smart survive.
Surround yourself with partners, businesses and friends that have the same mindset as you.
You don't want to hang out with depressing people. Studies have shown that if you take a positive person and subject them to a negative/depressing group on a regular basis, they will become like the group they associate.

This include: friends, financial advisors, CPA's, immediate partners and vendors/contractors.
Change them. It might be hard, but unless you are ready to make change in your business of life, massive change, you are where you are, because you the decisions you made before.

Until or unless you do it,  you don't know how it will change you. Your attitudes change and approach to life changes. You essentially attract like minded people and businesses.

We are setting focused goals. Creating small steps and making the small successes one at a time.

Garett Chipman
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