Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking for new phone system? Try Allworx

Solution Updates - Allworx Phone System

Some of you know we are an Allworx Reseller. 
What is Allworx? Allworx is a award winning VOIP Business Phone solution for businesses with 3-300+ employees in 1 or multiple locaitons.

VOIP is very popular solutions for businesses because of costs and flexibility over older systems. There are many flavors of VOIP as well that we'll be going into in other posts.
I will be updating the newsletter on some deals and incentives for clients.

Snapshot of an Allworx Phone system:
The main benefits to the clients: the system just works.
It's the size of top of a shoebox. No moving parts. Simple.
Quick to deploy and there is no week long training on the system or it's functions.

Here are a couple of questions we get when bidding out a phone system:

Do I have to pay everytime I need to add an extentsion, move a phone, or make changes?
No. It's all done in a simple interface that is very easy to navigate. Aside from that, we can do unliminted changes, adds, deletes, connections under our plan for a flat cost that covers everything.

Do I have to pay for more hardware when wanting to add more users, or lines?
No. Everything is built-in. If you want more users, we upload/update software to the system at night after hours, and you have 30 more users. Simple as that.

I  have another office location and want to connect them. Can Allworx do that?  And does that means I have to add another whole system and pay for direct lines to each location?
Yes and no.  Adding another location is very simple and does not recquire a whole infrastructure upgrade. Depending on the amount of users, Allworx does not force your to pay for more than what you need. I guarantee the base cost is 10-40% less than the major competitors for 1 or more locations.
The no is you don't have to pay for point to point connections to each location. The flexability of Allworx allows you to use many different types of connection types, depending on your clients budgets

What is the cost?
All Allworx bases systems are lower TCO than its competitors. Everything is a flat cost. 5 year warranty for hardware and software built into the price. The parts do not become obsolete after 2 years. Since the phone system has no moving parts, the only NEW things the system has is software updates.

Ask us about our Voip referral program. We have generous incentives for any and all leads/referrals that purchase a phone system through us. 

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