Wednesday, January 11, 2012

IT Tips for Business Owners to improve ROI on their IT investment.

Today's entry is more of a check list. I spoke to a business group on the lists below.

Please feel free to contact us on anything that you see below that you might want more information on.

IT Tips for Business Owners to improve ROI on their IT investment.

Look at Cloud for some of your resources:
  • ü  HR applications – inexpensive and optimized for HR
  • ü  Disaster Recovery solution – must have and sometimes business insurance requires it.
  • ü  Hosted Email – inexpensive and can be very reliable
  • ü  Repetitive process consolidation – you’re not the only one having this issue.
  • ü  Consider a solid VOIP phone system that is proven. Can save $100’s per mth

Look at your current IT and Security Policies:
  • ü  Do you have one? (Letting users know the restrictions of IT and violations- no illegal music, websites)
  • ü  Put productivity stop gaps in place: Manage bandwidth of users that are “bandwidth hogs”
  • ü  Keep your IM(instant office messaging ) to only in-house solutions: if you use AIM or Gchat, watch out.
  • ü  Does your current IT Staff or company check your firewall policies? Do you get a report
  • ü  Are you using the Sharepoint services (sometimes  free) within your company? It’s a free Intranet where a company can centralize information, documents, forms, company notices, updates – did I say FREE?.

Hold the IT department accountable:
ü  If users cannot do basic functions:
o   Print to copier
o   Use the phones system correctly
o   Having to email documents back and forth because the “shared drive” does not work
o   Email keeps on filling up the inbox and has to delete
o   Server keeps on shutting off.
o   No access to files from remote.
o   Constantly being told NO buy your IT staff or current consultants
Your infrastructure is using so many different technologies, that they cannot easily explain it.
These are excuses – have the IT department  bring in outside support to resolve those issues or outsource your IT to help clean it up.

Does your staff need software training?
  • ü  Most companies do need training.
  • ü  Average user doesn’t care. They need to know the basic. They owe it to their employer
  • ü  Free training available
Please do not hesitate call Garett @ 818-579-7370 x 205 to go over more in-depth on any of these subjects.

Garett Chipman
CEO | TVG Consulting
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