Tuesday, July 12, 2011

IT Security: Bandwidth usage out of control!

In today's world the internet is so integrated into alot of businesses daily "duties". Of which employees some times take advantage of the cheap large speeds. Some businesses say they to watch youtube, download music, send large files,...the list goes on, but most do not "need" it on a daily basis.

For IT Support, it's a nightmare to manage, and actually an unacceptable policy to let users do whatever they want.

Because we  explain that some bandwidth management needs to be put in place so we can see who is doing what, stop illegal activity, and potentially enforce compliance HR policies and other  unnecessary "activities" being done on the network, and in a positive note - how to optimize the experience and your network.

What can Bandwidth Management do?
Slow down the bandwidth hungry programs and users who use them.
Prioritize the important high-traffic on the network(phones, Video Conferencing, FTP,..)
Optimize the traffic and increase the efficiency on your network.

Why should you Manage Your Bandwidth:
MONEY - Bandwidth can cost you $1000's in lost productivity and you need to make sure your protecting that investment.
Improve your Experience on the "net" - Bandwidth Management can tell the difference between slow and unresponsive internet and one that is fast and responsive. For high priority applications like Video Conferencing and VOIP solutions, it can make a difference between night and day.

Some examples:
It's time to share a file -  A user accessng simple internet needs should not have to be sacrificed for the bandwidth hog who downloads 2 gb movie during their lunch, or didn't know you could not email a 300 mb file over email. Now blocking all video access or audio streaming sites is not fair/nice as well if that is what the business does. What BM does is allow the CEO who is doing what, because 9/10 it's a select few that are taking up a majority of the bandwidth and sometimes not even knowing it.

Traffic flow on the network - It's up to the company to set the priority of who can do what, at what time, and for how long and for how much. Some people cannot do their work without watching video online. But there are ways to have those users do their job, while not sacrificing the simple internet users.

If you have consistent bandwidth slowness issues, cannot resolve who or what is causing the slowness on your network, or might believe you have security holes on your network causing this, please give us a call to see if it's a simple fix or help you or your IT administrator resolve this headache bandwidth out of control!

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