Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Email works(and how to fix it)

Have you ran into this before with staff or employees:

You send an email out for weeks and the user gets them and respond.
You send another email later months later and they don't. Or at least they say they don't.

You hear people say:
"What's the deal? I sent it out. There must be something wrong with our email system.
Yeah, I've sent out 100's today, and so has the rest of the company, but this one person said they didn't get it."

Well, it's not that simple. Today with SPAM protection, Malware protection, FREE email services like GOOGLE and YAHOO, there are alot of things that can go wrong and can delay email.

Here is a great image on how email REALLY works

Now the above happens within seconds or minutes, but alot of processing going on.

How Do you know Whose fault it is when email does not arrive?

1. If you did not receive a Bounceback error or message telling you that something is wrong with the email you sent, it's 99.99% an issue with the recepients email system. It means that the end recipient has blocked you, they are down, or something is going on with their mail systems.

2. If you did get a Bounceback then this will give you some direction what the issue is and what it could be.

3. If you or all your employees cannot send email, then YOU have a problem and call your IT Consultant or Admin to address it immediately.

4. If you email a lot, and one person did not receive it, it will probably be their side.

Help your IT Department Help you get the bottom of the issue

1. What email address we're you trying to send to?
2. What time was it.
3. We're you sending from from Outlook, entourage, webmail or mobile device.
4. Can you remember what was the subject of the email?
5. Most important, if you received a bounceback please forward that to IT.. Oherwise forward the whole email error code in the bounceback to the IT team.

Once you have all the information above, submit to your HelpDesk or IT Consulting firm so they can help you as quickly as possible.

They can check the Exchange Servers for delivery confirmation and other tools to help diagnose the issue.

If you don't provide this information above, those questions above will be your next questions from IT.

Pass this along if you found it helpful.

Let us know if you need help diagnosing email issues or need a more reliable email solution for your business.

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