Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011: It's all down hill from here! Every day counts.

We're half way done with 2011. Deficit budgets, Casey Anthony, and  too much political banter between the 2 parties while the small business owner sits and waits to see how it affects us.

The good news is there are alot of small business's that are growing or are at the next stage of growing and looking how to do it.

One key to growth in any business, we have found,  is who you build relationships with. As in life, you cannot do it alone. 

Here at TVG we  too have a lot of great things going on this year:

Potential business acquisition, companies needing help expanding their business and IT needs, server room build outs, projects, new products lines, new services, offering new phones system services and solutions, working with good partners, (and getting past frustrating ones), opportunities, perfecting value sales, working on business relationships, new deals, trying to build new ones and above all, staying focused.

With everything going on, we are going to expand our newsletter to include partner relationship highlights(business partners we recommend ), helping existing and new clients save $1000's per mth on wasted IT, and insider tips on business growth ideas that actually and have been tested in the field.

If your a business owner and want to receive our newletters for a trial to see if you find it helpful, then please email us your full name and business email to:
newsletter @

Thank you and welcome your feedback.

Garett Chipman
CEO \ TVG Consulting
"Solving Small/Medium Sized Business IT Headaches"
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