Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tech Tip: Cannot Play WAV voicemail in Outlook anymore! Help

So you have a phone system that can email your voicemails.
-> (if your phone system does not currently email you your voicemails, then please call and ask us to check if your system does or does not have that feature and what you can do about it)

So, you used to be able to play your voicemails via a wav file attachment from your outlook(entourage/Macmail/Webmail) or your mobile device. Really useful feature and I think should be a standard feature nowadays in all phonesystems.

Suddenly you go to click your latest voicemail, and nothing. Error.

Outlook keeps a temp folder for opening up all attachements and it's hidden in Windows 7. Sometimes a file can become locked in that folder and is unaccessable.

Simple solution:
Delete the all files in the temp folder.
If you cannot find it in Windows 7, look for a folder called:

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\F2OLM1OC\
(replace your name with the %Username% above)
"Temporary Internet Files"

Then , delete everything in that temp folder

Alternative way:
If you don't know how or don't know how to use the registry, I am not going to show you how. You can severly damage your Windows 7 and make it unusable. Don't CHANGE anything, this just shows you where your temp folder is located if you cannot find it.

Goto here to locate where your temp folder is hold your wav file hostage:

Got there and delete all temp items.

Hope this helps.

Garett Chipman
CEO \ TVG Consulting
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