Saturday, May 14, 2011

Apps: Pretty cool Android Printing app + Free

Now there are a series of Iphone/Ipad printing apps. But for the Android devices, it's a little thin.

I have a DroidX and a Android tablet. My other technicians have Ipad's and phone and they love those. Fair enough. Not worth an octogon MMA match. Whatever gets the job done,

Went on a temp search for a Andorid printing app and found: PrintBot. Simple, has a ton of printers drivers installed. The Generic driver even works well with the large workcenter printers.

Prints PDF, word, images from any application. Click on file and send to PRINTBOT.

You cannot save multiple printers like on windows or MAC. You have to change the printer if your at another location.
You cannot print an email by itself or TXT.

If you want a simple attachment printing app for android, works well.

Other Android printing apps: - Nice but you need to buy the full version to do anything of value. - for printing HP photos only - not tested but looks good.

Let us know if there is any other better apps for printing on the android platform.

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