Monday, April 18, 2011

Where is my new outlook contacts??

As most of you have experienced with the new Outlook 2010 - yes, has many changes/improvements/frustrations.

One lovely feature is called Suggested Contacts.

Lovely- because when your typing or responding to a new email, or decided to fill out the details of a new contact, it will automatically save them - not in your contacts section.
 (in Outlook 2003/07 when you typed a name in the TO: of a new email, it would list possible names that you've used before(legitimate contacts or cached names only) and the file was called a N2K file.)

Well Outlook 2010 has done away with N2k files.

GOOD: Because this Suggested Contacts follow the user around - other desktops, or webmail. They don't have to worry about re-caching names like 2007/03
BAD:  You  cannot export all the cached names in a N2K file to the Outlook 2010. The end user has to start over re-typing/caching the emails.

That still doesn't answer my question. Where is the new contact I created?

Well it saves the email addresses(new/reply to emails that you do NOT have as an existing contact) to a section called the Suggested Contacts(SC) section under the options.

Microsoft suggest that SC are addresses that you MIGHT consider adding to your contacts. 

So, most of you have a reason to email people back and you spent all that time creating a contact with it's info, you want to access it. Well if you have SC on, it default saves to the SC section.

How to turn of Suggested Contacts:

1. Open Outlook 2010. Goto File, then Options.

2. Under the Suggested Contacts section, uncheck it.

Now, this will allow your Iphones, your Androids, and your new filled out contacts to be saved properly in your Outlook contacts.

Hope this helps.

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