Monday, April 11, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 is really slow. Help!

The browser war is back: IE 9 and Firefox with their latest versions.

Well, the new Firefox looks to be running alot faster and better than previous versions.
We downloaded IE 9, and well, it's slow.

We have a couple of repeat concerns that IE 9 is slow - and they want to try that "safari thing browser" - ahhhh!!

2 Types of fixes:
1st - Standard MS way
2nd  - tweak it.
So looking under the hood you need to check the following in the browser:

Simple steps(from above link):
1. In IE 9, goto Internet Options then onto Tools
2. Click on Advanced tab on the right, and then locate Acceleraged Graphics section(should be on top)
3. Check the box that has Us Software rendering instead of GPU rendering.

Should run faster at this point.

Now, if you are allowed to have access to your whole IE settings(usually not in the corp managed IT world) you might want to play with it a little. We don't reccomend this or suggest you use it in ANY way. Try at your own risk.

Any other tips on optimizing IE?

Garett Chipman

CEO \ TVG Consulting
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