Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Ipad Printer app - Pretty Cool

But I want to print from my Ipad? Why can't I?

Now you can!
So, what’s the best way to print from the iPad? That answers lies in the best printer app out there called Print Magic HD.(click)
By adding this feature to the IPAD it adds a level of functionality that moves you closer to replacing your laptop on a daily basis, watching TV on the coach or traveling to business meetings. 
Now as in all apps, not everything is flawless, but it does a heck of a good job.
Here are the cool features of Print Magic HD:
  • It prints everything!  Photos, docs, emails, maps, you name it.  Other printer apps are limited to photos.
  • Finds the wireless printer right away and you’re off and printing.
  • Interface is easy to use.  Just select and copy the page you want to print, and Print Magic will print it.
  • Cost: $4.99
We are going to test the HP printing app as well for the new HP printers.

Anybody else have a good app for printing for Android systems?

Couple of more people responded that work as well:

  • DocPrinter for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

  • Print n Share for Ipad, Iphone

  • HP's IPrint for HP only
  • Air Sharing Pro App for Cannon printers only

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