Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Verbal Gymnastics

I have the potential opportunity to speak in front of 2 semi-large industry verticals in the next couple of months.

Speaking is a great opportunity to really teach and education your peers, potential clients, and other vertical industry leaders. Speaking is not always easy and enjoyable for some.

Too many speakers who do speeches for business groups have "SELL" "SELL" "SELL"  tattooed on their foreheads and you can hear it. It's hard to avoid.

IT owners who do speak infront of groups can get too technical. Wow how much fun that is to listen to.

It's like Something About Mary(the movie).
Don't think about what you want to happen on the date your about to have, just enjoy yourself and have fun.

Go into everything you do with a plan. You have to always be flexible if needed,  but make sure that plan is lead by enjoying yourself, having fun and knowing what you want to accomplish at the end.

When you educate others, that's were the sales and long term relationships are built, not the one off "Buy at the back of the room" approach".

Case in point where a vendor just is a sell-a-holic.
A client has a previous vendor phone system/provider. The vendor is constantly about the sale. Sell more Services, Support contract, upgrades. When we or the client calls with a rare question, he's always pushing off to the vendor.
Now the client is a good client. When a good client calls with a question or needs a little help and it's no skin off your back...HELP THEM.

Build by teaching and educating.

That's what were learning more and more and it's an extremely valuable lesson not only in running a business but in life.

Just a thought, but when your going on the sale, the pitch the whatever, relax, don't sell, be focused, clear and educate without forcing it.

We all know when we talk too much, or try to cram too many words in a :30 elevator pitch - for example - as soon as the elevator door closes and right after you have soaked that innocent bystander with your verbal gymnastics and they walk out.... you stare at yourself in the shinny elevator doors saying "why the F_*%K  did I just say that? Why? Why?"

Garett Chipman

CEO \ TVG Consulting
"Providing Reliable and Stable Business Technology Solutions"
 - again typed on a tablet - forgive the spelling.

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