Friday, February 11, 2011

To Tech or Not to Tech...

Weird but I've been getting alot of different inquiry's lately:

  • Speaking on Managed Services
  • Should someone start a Managed Services Company
  • Partnering with other Break Fix  2 person tech shop that I've known for 4 years.
  • How to start a Tech MSP in 2011
Pretty exciting stuff.

Going to chat about; starting a IT consultancy(MSP/BF) in the year 2011.

There is a flood of resumes that we see from ITT tech, single person tech's, to previous 1 man shop owners looking for work.

Everyone sees that the Technology field is the one to be in. That doesn't mean you should start a business.
Running a business is not an easy thing.

  1. What is it you can give to your customers that they cannot already get from somebody else?
  2. Are you ready with the fact that you think you want to be a MSP/start a IT Fix it shop but you just don't have the skills or resources?
To me, those are the large question that needs to be addressed. There is NO instant gratification if your looking to get a payday running a business. What do they say, 80% of all business fail within the 1st 2 years, the 80% of that 20% fail within the next 5 years. I can see that fact daily. We call can nowadays.

What should you do if you have to start a business? Or you have to start a MSP business?
Become a B/F then move to becoming a MSP if the timeing is right.

Yes there is some good $ in becoming a MSP, but don't let that just motivate you. MSP business is a different model and office overheard administration is a different animal then a B/F business.
You say you can handle it. Ok. Do it. But be ready.
I've talked to too many thinking it's the same. It's not.

If you are just selling to make money, then the client will know that. Works for some, but I find it doesn't in the end from what we've seen.

To jump right in to becoming a MSP, and unless you have funding of some sort, you will starve and you cannot do that to yourself( and your family) because if becoming a MSP or Tech company is your last chance of success, there are too many IF's in that equation.
It's a process. At TVG  we have been fortunate to start as B/F business then moved to MSP with no funding, no debt and built it on persistence and focus. We will not go back to a B/F model because it does not work for us. It works for ALOT of companies and that is a great thing for all of us.

Got Persistence?
I think alot of times you have to wait, trust your gut and move forward anyways.
But not always.

It's easy to quit - and sometimes better to quit or not even start. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and that's OK. Nobody should look down on you - you should be happy that you admitted to yourself that your not. If they do look down on you, forget them. They just like to tear people down and you don't need them.

Everyone should really sit down and analyze what they REALLY want to do.

Sorry if this is all over the place and I'm typing on a tablet(think it will be the last time) but, the simple bottom line is:

Starting a business is not easy. Even if you have funding.

  1. If you must start and IT shop, get ready, there are alot out here gunning for business. Some good, some bad. Some know what they are doing, some don't.
  2. If you must start and IT shop, start a break-fix. Most small Tech shops are break fix, because they built their solid business on that model and its works.  Personally, it's a great place to break into the business and see if it's right for you.
  3. If you like technology but have 2nd thoughts, become a genius in a certain area of IT: Customer services, Sales, Automation, ..  -
    1.  *** This is where I believe most new IT guys should go. You have a better chance of making more $ becoming a genius in a certain area and then consulting in that area.- *****
I welcome any thoughts....or any questions.

This will continue....

Garett Chipman

CEO \ TVG Consulting
"Providing Reliable and Stable Business Technology Solutions"

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