Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Qualified IT Services.... Where to find it? You eventually have to trust your business advisors or get new ones.

Where is a small or medium sized business supposed to turn to find affordable, fast, reliable IT service?
It's hard. Here at TVG we run into a series of potential new client scenarios where we are brought in to clean up a clients network or help resolve their neglected chronic IT headaches.

Alot of business is done through introductions, referrals and sometimes reccomendations when overhearing a conversation.

We received 2 nice compliments recently. 1 from an existing 5 year client and1 from one of our new internal hires.

The client was recently bought out by a larger company. The new CEO was transplanted from overseas.
He comes from a corporate background and corporate IT support. He described his previous IT support as always telling them NO on any special requests and taking up to 1-2 days to have IT fix the simplest requests.
He made a comment when how enjoyable TVG is in their support and quickness of response to any and all needs. And TVG support MACs!

That was pretty cool.

The 2nd compliment came from an internal new technician where he said he was impressed that TVG provides Executive Level Support for all their clients. From our ticket system, response times and level of support, he went on to say we have alot of support companies beat in support by a long way. TVG becomes a trusted part of a clients best interest in success.

WOW. And I didn't pay him to blurt that out.

What does this all mean:

As you know, IT Support is a thankless job. Referrals are great, but it's our job to resolve and prevent a clients IT issues. It's alwasy nice to hear random nice comments from clients, partners and internal staff. It's always good when your clients can spontaneously say great things about you and your service.

Can you say the same about all your trusted advisors? From your financial partners? Insurance partners? TAX advisors?
Can you suddenly spontaneously reccomend your partners to your friends without second guessing your comment?

If not, then ask around. You deserve to have the right fit for your company in all areas of business. Ask your other trusted advisors who they rely on.

Even if you all ready have a solid IT support for your business, ask us about TVG's trusted business partners in other areas. We'll reccomend them to you even if you don't need or use our IT Support.

Take charge in 2011!

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