Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Case Study: CRISIS!...averted.

What might be helpful to other IT Support companies and general viewers, is to throw up some real case studies that has happened to us and when they happen.

CASE STUDY:  2/8/2011
Providing  IT Support in a crunch.

A potential client, an Insurance company that has offices in multiple states, not including California, suddenly had an issue of half of one of the offices, not able to get online and work. The Voip phones were not working and desktops could connect. We have been talking to them for a short bit about IT Ongoing Support for all offices and did our network audit at 1 of the locations. They were moving to a new location and currently did not have any IT support locally. They are not a client yet, but they needed to turn to someone for help.

The owner called and asked if we could help with this. "Our pleasure" is our motto.

Half of their main networking switch looked to be down. No lights-no connectivity. HP Procurve.
Not knowing what to do, she called us asking for help. No problem. They asked if we could talk in the AM. TVG has East Coast hours so this also is not a problem

Calling at 6:00am PST we suggested a series of tests:
  • Checking the end drops.
  • Rebooting the device(which she had done already)
  • Resetting the switch to factory.
  • Taking a laptop and by passing the jacks.
Quickly within 5 minutes, and not having to reboot, we determined that their ISP had come in and installed a fax line. OK. Why would that affect 10 out of 24 ports on the switch?

What had happened is that somebody had changed their cubicle ports to the dead drops.
Quickly she tested and plugged into the correct ones and all additional 10 users were able to work.

What does this mean?
1. Saved them a boat load of money because they are insurance sales, and every hour means loss of money.
2. They knew that they could reach us when something goes bad.
3. Looks to enhance the relationship and possible future partnership.
4. Cost to TVG = 10 minutes ---- Cost to potential client = FREE fast professional support.
And gave us a nice blurb:

"A big THANK YOU to Garett Chipman at TVG Consulting! While we are not yet clients of TVG, Garett went out of his way to assist me when we had an IT crisis at our office recently. I can only imagine this level of service will be sustained and improved as customers. "

They may never become clients, but the point is building the relationships, builds trust. We are not a project to project company. We don't always give away free support.  But we do work with businesses that understand the importance of business relationships and value that.

At the end of the day, we need you to know, that if you choose TVG, we will always be there for you and you will never regret working with us.

Garett Chipman
CEO \ TVG Consulting
"Providing Reliable and Stable Business Technology Solutions"

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