Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mindful thought of the day -

"Worry is a misuse of imagination". Dan Zadra
As humans, I believe we are primarily motivated by 2 states/things:
Pleasure and Pain

Most of us are in the AVOID PAIN category. Makes sense, avoid this and avoid that, "I don't want this", and "I don't want that to happen"

I also believe, even though I had a good conversation with a great successful friend of mine who thinks that some people are lucky and some are not(another blog post), that you do attract situations, circumstances, opportunities and people in your life by what you think of constantly and how you maintain your attitude in every and all situations.

So back to the subject, if we constantly are in a state of worry about this or that, why is this happening to me, we are filling up our limited conscious minds and not using it to push past the "Why Me's?" and not filling it with the "what if's" and "how can I's"

Don't know if that makes any sense, but I thought the quote rings volumes.


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Iphone+Verizon+ready to Launch = ISP slowness

So IPHONE is coming to Verizon as we hear. Iphone is is signing another ATT deal. check.

Exciting right? Well, remember when ATT first brought on the Iphone? They were adding towers, testing bandwidth and adding to their network to handle the load.

For the rest of us doing real work, the network slowed, horrible service and just "frustration station"

Seeing a little of that right now. 2 clients that are piggy backing on Verizon's ISP backbone which had outtages yesterday and some connectivity issues.

POINT: If you are on Verizon's ISP backbone, you might be having some latency and ISP issues. Just keep monitoring running and keep your clients up to date.

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