Monday, February 8, 2010

TIPS: Windows 7 : Should we install it at our Corporate Office?

If you haven't moved to Windows  7 yet, and your not a die hard MacHead, then you should.

Yes, it looks like Vista, which causes you to break out in a cold sweat. BUT it has a alot more easy to access settings, FASTER, really smart in finding out devices on the network, and FAST to install applications.
It does look different, but so does a MAC or Windows XP did, or Windows 3.11.

As a Tech Support Company for small businesses, it is the closest thing to Windows XP for diagnoistics as we can find. Compatibility issues are thinning out, and the intuitiveness of the OS can officially be reckoned with and can stop the complaints of it not being "Social Media" friendly while being a buiness machine at the core.

For a Client with a Server and a Domain, we believe it satisfies the FLASHYness of MAC experience(yes we use MAC's) but more importantly, in the corporate world, it satisfies all business line of applications that a company uses AND has the SOCIAL media looking/gadetry experience. (IF your company allows that policy)

We'll periodically post some hints and tricks to customizing your Windows 7 experience and make it easier to work with if your having issues.

TIP 1: Desktop ICONS.
Windows defaults the desktop ICONS to HUGE.
How to shrink them?
Select all the desktop ICONs, by left clicking.
Then with your scroll mouse, scroll up and down. Watch them shrink.

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