Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life and Times in of Entrepreneurship

A partner of TVG's, Vlad over at OWN, has a post that bleeds’ into other concerns happening to SMB in IT and other markets/business owners.

Vlad can sometimes say it straight, you might not like it, and he can have a sort of a king-of-the hill attitude. He has a right to be. I think he's right on this point in the blog.

Decision have to be made one way or another.

You have to ask yourself:

This has to happen, or we're going to try to make it happen and give it a shot?

I am running a company or is this a hobby?

I don't care what happens, I will make it OR I'm going to give it my best for 3 months and then stop if I don't make it.

It's OK to quit and change jobs, professional. BUT MAKE A DECISION.

Personally, starting off, we were in that situation. I think ALL entrepreneurs are in that situation in the beginning. Funding with your own capital, hitting the pavement, banging on all doors that would creek open. Bending over backwards for the silliest requests and needs.

Then something clicks. There is a point. A REFUSAL NOT quit and win at any cost, no matter how the hell the current situation looks.

A REFUSAL to not give up and constantly BANG your head until something sticks and or reveal itself.

A REFUSAL to QUIT the attitude of negative thoughts seeping in and affecting your business, your kids and your family and your overall attitude.

Might sound non-techy here but, ATTITUDE can compensate for lack of job history/Experience, previous FAILURES, previous LOST clients, FAILED jobs, FAILED bid's you lost out on.

Attitude can make or break you. You might think I'm nuts, but try it for 7 days.

Eliminate ALL NEGATIVE thoughts and attitudes.

If you are constantly in your head questioning yourself, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!!

Ask BETTER questions of yourself.

Don't ask:

Why am I not getting any new clients?
The answer is: Because you complain like a little KID AND your an idiot for asking that stupid question.

Instead, ASK:

How am I going to get new Clients? Then you will think more in line with what you want and you will think like the Entrepreneur you set out to be.

Anything negative, ELIMINATE it:

"What is he talking about? He's crazy" = negative.

"Man this client is such a pain" = negative

"Oh, I don't want to drive out there. He only needs 1 hour of work" = Negative.

Millionaire's Shimllionaires

Successful Millionaires found out the secrets of previous Millionaires. How they did it. How they thought. Why they thought that way.

As a start - >They THINK and ACT and have the right ATTITUDE of millionaires.

We all know what it's like to have success in our lives. No matter what level you are and/or when you FELT success- you still have it and that ability.

Look at the way Vlad blogs and presents himself! Nothing can stop him. His Attitude is everything. You might not agree with him, but he's doing something right.

Surround yourself with positive people, positive forces, and attitudes.

Honestly, these 3 things can change your life, not just your company. It really is a game changer.

Hang in there.

Monday, February 8, 2010

TIPS: Windows 7 : Should we install it at our Corporate Office?

If you haven't moved to Windows  7 yet, and your not a die hard MacHead, then you should.

Yes, it looks like Vista, which causes you to break out in a cold sweat. BUT it has a alot more easy to access settings, FASTER, really smart in finding out devices on the network, and FAST to install applications.
It does look different, but so does a MAC or Windows XP did, or Windows 3.11.

As a Tech Support Company for small businesses, it is the closest thing to Windows XP for diagnoistics as we can find. Compatibility issues are thinning out, and the intuitiveness of the OS can officially be reckoned with and can stop the complaints of it not being "Social Media" friendly while being a buiness machine at the core.

For a Client with a Server and a Domain, we believe it satisfies the FLASHYness of MAC experience(yes we use MAC's) but more importantly, in the corporate world, it satisfies all business line of applications that a company uses AND has the SOCIAL media looking/gadetry experience. (IF your company allows that policy)

We'll periodically post some hints and tricks to customizing your Windows 7 experience and make it easier to work with if your having issues.

TIP 1: Desktop ICONS.
Windows defaults the desktop ICONS to HUGE.
How to shrink them?
Select all the desktop ICONs, by left clicking.
Then with your scroll mouse, scroll up and down. Watch them shrink.

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