Sunday, January 3, 2010

ITUNES - Deactivate!

Forgetting which computers you've activated with your ITUNES account? Cannot play music because of authorization issues? Upgraded your machine to Windows 7 or you mac crashed, and have to reinstall?

Well, Apple doesnt make it easy but here is there direct link for HOW to Deauthorize.
Apple Deauthorization page
Deauthorize them all is the solutions, then re-do.

Basically, on a machine with ITUNES, goto to Store, login with account, select VIEW ACCOUNT option, then there will be option to "deauthorize all" - select this and all computers with be deauthorized.

SPECIAL NOTE: You can only use this feature 1x per year. The Deauthorize button will not appear if you have fewer than 5 auth computers, or if you've used within last 12 months.

Now, you will have to RE-authorize all you computers that you want, but you will be ok.

Another hint for 7.5 +, is log into accountCLICK on APPLE ID(top right) and deauthorize all.

You will not lose any of your songs.

Hope it helps.

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