Monday, January 4, 2010

Helping out your IT deparment...Help you.

Here at TVG Consulting, we support a wide variety  vertical markets: Financial, Education, Government, Non-Profit, Entertainment, Tax and Legal attorney to name a few.

We provide complete IT enterprise level support for companies that range from 10 -250 employees in 1 or multiple locations - on a small business budget. This includes managing a clients Email and File servers, data backup, instant remote control support and English speaking helpdesk, for all employees at the company. We have the ability to do 95% of all your issues remotely vs waiting for a tech to come out. We can resolve your issues almost immediately as soon as you call in or open a ticket.
Ok - enough already.

Point of this entry:  Users will be users. They will listen to protocol when it works for them.
More importantly I want to mention how to help out your IT department when you have a computer/technical issue.

The more detailed you can be when calling in or opening a ticket with what your problems is, the FASTER and more efficient your IT department can help you out in resolving your issue.

Let's give some good actual examples and, well, bad ones:
(we includes these examples in out New Client Handouts when how to use the IT Department efficiently.

User Cannot Print

  • Good:  “I cannot print. I tried unplugging it.  It turned it off and on, but it has this red light blinking on it, but I don’t know how to stop it.”
  • BAD: “I cannot print”

User reported slowness of computer
  • Good: “For some reason my system really slowed down, then it froze. I was working on Photoshop, and had like 5 emails open, then I plugged in my USB external drive, then it locked. I know the drive is good, but just locked it.”
  • BAD: “My computer stopped working”

User reported their phone has issues
  • Good: “My blackberry phone is not getting emails all of a sudden. I can make calls. I cannot browse with the blackberry browser, it just goes blank. I have a big RED x when I try to send emails and I don’t see a large EDGE in the top right. Oh, I'm with ATT and it’s a Blackberry Bold. Thanks.”

  • BAD: “My phone doesn’t work”
User reported the have an issues logging on to their computer
  • Good: I just sat down and I cannot log into my desktop. I noticed it took me 3 times to actually start the computer. Then I notices that the network cable seems to be unplugged. Should this be plugged in? I don’t who did it. Thanks. 
  • BAD: “My computer doesn’t work and I cannot get to my desktop”

You can see how a user can be frustrated when something doesn't work. They have NO idea what the problem is. BUT if you do have an IT company that supports you, if you can give as much information as you can, the support team can help resolve your issues faster and more efficient which allows you to get back on your desktop and back to work.

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