Monday, December 28, 2009

Mutiple BES accounts on your BB device- really?

From Berry Review -

"***Disclaimer: The following procedure for activating more than one BES account on your BlackBerry is not recommended or supported by RIM, Microsoft, Lotus, Novell, or any wireless carrier that supports BES on their network.  By attempting the following, neither TVG Consulting or it’s staff, or the aforementioned affiliates, and any affiliates that were not mentioned, will be responsible for any damage caused to your device or loss of information.


I do not take personal credit for developing the solution.

"To perform the following, you must have the ability to rename your service books via Desktop Manager.  If you do not have this ability, the chances of success are slim to none.
Reason: The service books are named “Desktop” by default.  If one tries to activate a second BES on a device and the service books are also named "Desktop”, they will simply override the original service books, thus disabling your first BES.

Another note to consider: Only the IT Policy from the first BES account that you activate will be in use on your device.  I’d suggest activating the less restrictive BES on your device first to enable full functionality.  Another point to mention; if the IT policy from BES 2 "requires" that it be active to complete the activation, then BES 2 may not activate.  I'd assume most banks, as an example, would likely have this setup.

Step One: Activate BES 1 onto your device.  You can do this via OTA or via Desktop Manager.  Wait for confirmation that “Activation is complete”

Step Two: Connect your device to BlackBerry Desktop Manager.  Go into your advanced email settings.  Rename your service books to something other than “Desktop”. *Note: Email Settings will only appear if you chose "BlackBerry Enterprise Service" during your initial install of Desktop Manager.  You may have to reinstall if you did not select this.

Step Three: Activate BES 2 onto your device.  You can ONLY do this via Desktop Manager.  You will not get an activation confirmation as a “full activation” in the strict sense does not occur.  However, what will occur is you will see a second set of BES service books on your BlackBerry.

That’s it.  It’s as simple as that.  Theoretically, I don’t see what would prevent a user from activating a 3rd or even 4th BES account on their device following the same instructions, repeating step three.  I have heard that there is a “technical limitation” of 6 BES accounts (CMIME) on a device, but I have not tested this theory nor do I know how true this is.

One point to mention. GAL (Global Address Lookup) which is the ALP (Address Lookup Service Book) only functions for BES 2 (which is what I wanted anyways).  It looks like that upon activation of BES 2, the service book for ALP for BES 1 was removed.  I am not sure if this will be the case for everyone, but in my case, this is what I wanted anyways.  There are users that have reported that they have GAL access for all BES accounts activated"

Via Berry Review."

Interesting....let me know if any of you try this and what results you get.
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