Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There is alot of users out there having problems connecting the new Palm Pre with SBS 2003 or exchange.

Do I use the SSL or not? How do I get it onto the device? Will it sync with all my corporate needs?'s actually easy.

A. I live by my BB Bold. The PRE is actually a nice device because it's the Iphone with a keyboard. I would consider this PRE(next gen maybe) if it wasn't so plastic and had a little larger keyboard.

B. Back to HOW TO SYNC. You don't need to SSL.

Follow these steps for syncing with your corporate Exchange server or SBS 2003(Small Business Server 2003)

-> NON SSL setup
Email Address:
Incoming Mail server: (NO /exchange) (NO httpS)

Domain: NOT the actual web domain.(ie not Use the server domain. Just like when you are logging into your desktop at work (myworkdomain.local\usename) Just drop the .local or .lan or how ever you are setup)

User name: (desktop login name)

Sync and test. Works pretty good. There are updates that are out that might improve some of the syncing, but looks like a cool device.


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