Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DELL now into Managed Services? Really? Stick with your genius

Been reading on this and going to be good for some and not others.

TVG is a Manged Services company. We provide 24/7 Enterprise IT Support and guidence for businesses that range from 15-300 desktops/users. Unlimited servers. Unlimited Tech Support, unlimited IT Consulting.

In addition to covering all servers type and desktops at a client location(s), we also provide:
Hosted Exchange servers(email servers)
Hosted Blackberry servers
Unlimited Remote support / and on-site support
Remote data backup services
Virtual servers and deployments for remote offices.

So what?

DELL is computer mamufacturing company. The do desktops and servers. Not Corporate IT support.
Now they buy Perot systems. Good IT company. Does that make/Will that make them a good IT support company now?
Sort of.

Well, the way I see this merger is only good for REALLY large environments. 1000-5000 users.
Dell is going to have to fork over millions a year in staff to support. The new DELL will probably only work with IT staff for certain things.

PLUS: Have you ever experienced Dell support? Its a real page turner (they litterally turn pages in trying to support)
Microsoft actually has good support(when you are a partner)

For the SMB Managed Service companies, we have to keep on doing what we keep on doing.
DELL will not be able to offer the personal touch, the hand's on experience, the sometime being a "therapist" to our clients(in a good way)

We want to become part of your family. We need to offer that touch.

This merger is alot of money, but that personal touch(not just selling everything under the sun to the client) will not be there.

Just a thought.

TVG Consulting

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