Monday, June 1, 2009

How to backup for Free( or almost free $50)

How to backup my Home Desktop computer to protect my files?

There are 2 ways you can and should be backing up. Majority are free.

Here are a couple that do a good job.

1. Local backup.

There are FREE local backup solutions and paid for ones(backup everything to a local external harddrive)

Windows has a built in backup solution call Windows Backup NT. Very Simple, not "pretty", but can backup.

Backups only files.

Another File backup free backup solution that is nice is GFI Backup solution:

** all you need is an external harddrive to backup to. Purchase at any store.

2. Remote Backup

This system backups all important files(you choose), to a secure remote storage.

a. FREE REMTOE backup: 2 gigabytes worth

* MAC and PC

b. - $50 per year, BACKUP EVERYTHING.

* Has trial period to see if you like it.

* PC only

Give it a shot!

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