Monday, April 13, 2009

Kick As* support, and have a good day

What is good customer support and what does it do for your company?

Customer support is mainly to resolve an issue for a client or customer, but it can have a side effect of brightening someones/client/customers day.

Good, friendly, thorough support can really put the client/customer in a good mood after the call.
You have the power.
That in turn will sometimes get a equally positive response and put you in a better mood.

Some people will not get this. This includes us TECH people.

This does follow a universal law(all you haters don't read).

I do believe that you attract what you think about and focus on. Additionally, your attitude is a good indicator of how well you are "tuning" in with the universe around you and what you can attract.

If you are in a crappy mood, EVERYTHING around you either is going break, not work, or frustrate the hell out of you. If your attitude sucks, the other person on the end of the phone will FEEL it and they inturn might turn angry.

Yeah yeah. Heard that before.

really? Try it. for 1 solid day, every time you pick up the phone, put a stupid smile, and kill the client/customer with kindness. See what happens. See how you feel. It works. It's not a trick.

Case in point: I called to get an RMA on a bluetooth device. I have not met a more friendly customer support person in my life. Granted I was not angry, but this guy exudes assistance. that's what I called for. I had to tell him. He said, "Thank you sir, that made my day". That in turn made free grateful.

At TVG when we are going to do our Support reviews, I am going to put that in our questions:
When calling TVG, after the call, are you in a good mood, better mood, or even more frustrated?

Go out and "make someones day" would you?

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