Monday, April 13, 2009

It's All about YOU.

Every entrepreneur goes into starting a business for many differnet reasons.

Some are the same: Be your own boss/Freedom/Express creativity/...
Some are not: Revenge on an old employer/get rich plan(scheme)/lame excuse to give mom/dad or even significant other.

Personally, I will never go back. It's 11:10pm on a Monday, still new at blogging, and I really love what I do. I can see the results of hardwork, I can see the results of planning, I can see the results of LACK of planning and bad management, I know my outcomes, I can see the future. I know my gut.

And most of all, I know it's all about me.

This does not mean I am an egomaniac. This means if I want any significant change in my life(personal or business), it has to start with me. I have to have an overwhelming desire to say - No more. I need to change. All I can say is it works.

I might be slower to the table than others, might not be as pushy, but I know what I want my business to be and I know what i can deliever.

Briefly, I started out as a IT manager of semi large TV Company. Then as the CTO/IT Manager of a larger Talent Agency in Beverly Hills, CA. I left that because the company imploded on itself, and I started consulting. It wasn't until I deceided to make a change, and not put up with the "comfort zone", that my company exploded. We have grown over 60% each year for the last 2 years.

So how'd you do it?

I know i have no followers at this point, but I will start to blog about what success has meant to TVG, how we are growing, our approach, the ups and downs, constant improvement, books to readyand how we have failed in the past and those failures which makes us better.

Is this then considered a diary entry? Oh no....

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