Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Gentlemen, let's Lock and Load" - 2009

Back in action. Been busy the last 2 years, but were backkkkkk.

So, still busy but now we are realizing that we have alot more responsibility to our base.
Why not share with them whats on our mind?

We are changing a few things around here at TVG.
New partners, new ticketing system and new approaches to service and support.

As a recap, we have dedicated partners in the following areas:

  • Provider of Data and Voice T1 service nationwide
  • Dell Gold Team server and desktop provider
  • HP Server and Desktop provider
  • Levono Server and Desktop provider
  • Cabling - network, Fiber and Coaxil.
  • VOIP phone Systems
  • Security Intrusion detection
  • Remote Data Backup services
  • We now have a full Cisco department for all Cisco WAN/LAN needs.

Dedicated Services coming soon:
  • Application development
  • Website design and support
Next couple of months:
Going to deploy our newest partner, A very strong and detailed ticket system.
This is going to allow our Clients to get information quicker and issues resolved faster. Additionally, it will track my and TVG tech's time better, to make sure projects are on time and everything is accountable.

New hire coming. We are on the hunt for a new HelpDesk technician to add to our team and improve our processes and access.

Newsletter: This is to keep our clients up to date on hints, solutions, discounts and the latest news.

This is my 3rd entry ever, so please be kind.
I'm learning :)

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